MOLICEL P28A 18650 2800mAh Battery - Vapolino UK

MOLICEL P28A 18650 2800mAh Battery - Vapolino UK

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This is a 18650 size cell. 

It is recommended to fully charge cells before first use and using a dedicated battery charger rated for lithium-ion cells. Our selection can be found here. 

Technical Specifications

  • Size: 18650
  • Positive Terminal: Flat Top
  • Capacity: 2800mAh
  • Max. Discharge Rate: 25A (Rated by Mooch)
  • Pulse: We do not offer pulse ratings as there is currently no industry standard.
  • Manufacturer: E-One Moli Energy Corp. (Supplied by NPE)
  • Model: INR-18650-P28A 

    Safety, storage and disposal 

    Lithium ion (Li-Ion) Cells can be very dangerous if used improperly. 

    • For extra safety always use a battery charger that is rated for Li-ion cells 
    • Do not leave batteries unattended while charging them 
    • Batteries should never be loose in pocket or bag (use case provided) 
    • All lithium batteries have a cycle-life, for best performance, a battery should be replaced every 2 years 
    • Never continue to use a battery with a broken PVC wrap. 
    • Never completely discharge batteries 
    • Do not expose a battery to extreme heat 
    The MOLICEL P28A 18650 2800mAh Battery - Vapolino UK is a sensational customer favorite, and we hope you like it just as much.

    Inventory Last Updated: Feb 01, 2023